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  • 6 noites / 7 dias days MSC Preziosa

    MSC Preziosa

    As from R$ 2.443,08

    MSC Preziosa offers a choice of elegant accommodation, from cabins inside, with ocean views and balconies.

  • 4 noites / 5 dias days Búzios


    As from R$ 2.171,50

    Búzios offers a collection of perfect beaches, of different shapes, which can be visited all year round.

  • 3 noites / 4 dias days Navio - Energia na Véia

    Navio - Energia na Véia

    As from R$ 2.554,00

    Energia na Veia is guaranteed fun, with 72 hours of partying towards the sun, and an incredible program for all ages.

  • 6 noites / 7 dias days Ship - MSC Seaside

    Ship - MSC Seaside

    As from R$ 4.179,00

    The ship provides guests with a unique experience, offering a fully immersive connection with the sea.

  • 3 noites / 4 dias days Mix Festival on Board

    Mix Festival on Board

    As from R$ 2.808,00

    At Cruzeiro Mix Festival on Board 2021 you have a music festival on the high seas with incredible attractions.

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